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Why break your back?  The Pull Wagon is designed to carry up to 800 Lbs. Alumacart products work great for landscapers or any other trades that require heavy lifting. For that matter, it is a great item to have around your home for that yard work.

You can buy a plastic cart at your local big box hardware store for $150, made in China, but next year it will be worthless as it crumbles under the load. But not the Pull Wagon, it is made to last a lifetime, and you will probably pass it along to the kids after you move into that townhome in Florida.

This heavy duty aluminum fabricated pull wagon boasts an 1/8” thick solid 27" by 45" deck bed with 1.5" perimeter lip with drain holes in all four corners.  10” 4-ply pneumatic rubber tires and an easy to grip handle which is also removable.

Can be used for thousands of uses including: Gardening, beach wagon, fishing wagon, marina/dock wagon, farms, zoos, sanctuarys, equestrian... 

For garden centers: The Pull Wagon carries (15) three gallon containers. 

The superior quality and aluminum fabrication make this wagon virtually indestructable for commercial and industrial uses.  It is rust and corrosion resistant.

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Price: $278.99


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