Light Duty JR Wagon    $229.99

Looking for something a little less "big commercial," but still don't want to break your back?  The Light Duty "Junior" is right up your alley!

You can buy a plastic cart at your local big box hardware store for $150, made in China, but next year it will be worthless as it crumbles under the load. But not the Pull Wagon, it is made to last a lifetime, and you will probably pass it along to the kids after you move into that townhome in Florida.

Weighing just 35 pounds, this all aluminum platform truck has a UV protected polypropylene deck bed 1.5" X 1.5" X 1/8" aluminium angle welded frame and 10" pneumatic rubber tires. Pivoting front wheels & axle provide "fifth" wheel steering for easy maneuverability. The 36.5" X 19" wide perforated deck makes this wagon the perfect size for consumers, garden centers, and fishermen to use for virtually anything. Only 35 lbs, but strong enough to haul up to 300 lbs.! Incredibly lightweight and easy to load so you can take it just about anywhere.

Comes standard with 10" pneumatic tires

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Price: $229.99


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