About our Company

BackintheUSAstore.com exists to provide a coordinated platform offering Made in the USA products for you to purchase. The team works diligently to vet each company and its products as true Made in America merchandise and services that use primarily USA components and US labor.


Industry leader and Entrepreneur, Phil Davis, has always known the true value of American ingenuity, hard work, and the quality associated with American made products. He realized that the best form of retirement, for him, was to do something he loved—supporting his country and its future. So in 2010, Phil founded Grassroots, Incorporated.


Recognizing the need to establish and promote products that are made in the USA, Phil went on to develop, Back in the USA, a platform focusing on American made manufacturers and the products these companies offer. Phil also wanted to provide an avenue for readers to find out what is going on in the United States that directly affect the lives of the everyday citizens, but without the "party politics." This information spans from the latest news in manufacturing, retail, and cottage industries to product recalls, outsourcing jobs overseas, health, education, and so much more.


Today, Phil is proud to bring you BackintheUSAstore.com, where you can feel confident in your purchase of Made in the USA products and services.


You can read his Manifesto Here.