Austin Air Purifiers for Home or Office

Austin Air Systems

Made in America - Premium Air Purifiers

It's time to breathe easier with a Made in the USA air purification system from Austin Air Systems. Born from the desire to improve his wife's quality of life, the President of Austin Air drew upon existing technology - the hospital clean room - using "True Medical HEPA surrounded by Activated Carbon - the company developed a filter targeting environmental particulate contamination and chemical toxicity." From the Healthmate Standard and the Healthmate Plus Junior, to the Bedroom Machine, Austin Air Systems has the perfect sized air purification system for every room.

Need an air purifier for the kid's room? No problem - The Baby's Breath (HM 205) "removes allergens, asthma irritants, sub-micron particles, chemicals, and noxious gases." Give yourself a break from everyday allergies with the Allergy Machine Jr. or the Allergy Machine (HM 405).

Back in the USA, we love our pets; Austin Air has the perfect air purifier for households with animals, with its Pet Machine (HM 410). From filters to metal forming and final product paint, Made in America - Austin Air Systems "has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world." Stop by the website today, and learn more about you can take a breath of fresh air using one of the amazing air purification systems from Austin Air Systems.

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